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rodd707 > Auctions > BERNIE KRAUSE RAINSTORM IN BORNEO GOLD CD Nature Sound Effect


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    2nd of May 2015 at 1:55 PM

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RARE 1998 CD   09006-23109-2  /Miramar   /  US


A gold disc holds these evocative "sound pictures"……Original first edition from 1998! Just field recording -no music.


'Sensational claps of thunder and sudden rain recreate the thrill and comfort of a storm in the exciting rainforests of Borneo.'


Field recordings on location in Borneo and Belize. 


Camp Leakey, located in the southwest quadrant of Borneo, has been home to Biruté Galdikas’ world-famous orangutan rehabilitation site for some years. Aside from orangutans, the forest vibrates with the sounds of many birds, insects, and other mammals. The air becomes very thick and still just before the typical afternoon storms. Creatures become very quiet as the tension mounts. Then, all hell breaks loose and the drama of the tropics becomes apparent in ways only a sound recording can capture. Aprés le deluge, as the storm cells move off toward the horizon, the soundscape returns, once again, revitalized by the cleansing and renewal that has just occurred.


RAINSTORM in BORNEO encompasses a day in the rainforest of southwest part of the island. At first light, birds begin to stir and gibbons invoke the dawn with their languorous duets. Reverberant sound fills the forest from every perspective and every vocal organism. As the sun passes the noon meridian, storm clouds gather on the horizon, thicken, and move in our direction. The forest becomes still in anticipation of coming events. We are not disappointed as the first cloudbursts shatter the calm, draw nearer, and then, BOOM!, we are hit with a very impressive strike that lands only 20 meters from where we are sheltered in a grove of ferns.



About the Artist

Renowned naturalist and sound designer Dr. Bernie Krause has traveled the world capturing the soundscapes of exotic natural environments. Dr. Krause began his groundbreaking work in bioacoustics and environmental recording in the late 1960’s, and much of his work has been accomplished with techniques and technologies that he personally developed. His "In A Wild Sanctuary" (1970) recording earned a place in history as being the first recording to use environmental sounds as both a central component of orchestration and as a statement about the environment.


Dr. Krause’s diverse achievements include 10 recordings for The Nature Company that have enjoyed over $24 million in gross sales over a period of 6 years. Development of the audio technology innovation known as the Intelligent Show System (for public exhibitions and installations), and his Music and Word Series of spoken word documents that include "Ishi – The Last Yahi." Dr. Krause recently published the book "Wild Soundscapes" (2002) that includes a full-length CD featuring a sampling of natural sounds.





CONDITION: Released in a standard jewel case. Disc has no scratches. The inserts are very near mint. There are no holes, marks, folds, creases, fading, or dents. Bid assured that you will be very pleased with the condition of this CD when you receive it!






Reasonable shipping prices:

$4.00 in the US  (Add $1.00 for each additional CASSETTE/CD) 

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$13.70 rest of the world.  (Add $2.00 for each additional CASSETTE/CD) 


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International shipping prices get very expensive for packages weighing over 4 pounds. That's about 16 CD's. To keep the price down items can be removed from their jewel cases and shipped with all the inserts. 



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