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rodd707 > Auctions > IGOR WAKHEVITCH DONC 1998 6CD BOX SET Zoviet France Nurse with Wound COIL

IGOR WAKHEVITCH DONC 1998 6CD BOX SET Zoviet France Nurse with Wound COIL

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    8th of January 2015 at 4:18 PM

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RARE 1998 6CD BOXSET    Fractal 002  / Fractal Records   /  FRANCE


Life changing……….


A limited edition of 500! 6 CD Box Set released in in 1998 to mark Wakhevitch's 50th birthday. This CD box set was only available in a limited edition and is now way out of print.



Six CDs in paper sleeves with a 24-page booklet and a fold-out poster in a slick cardboard box. Disc, inserts, poster, and box are in pristine condition (see condition details below). Included are: LOGOS, DOCTEUR FAUST, HATHOR, LES FOUS D'OR, NAGAUL & LET’S START, all produced over the span of the 1970’s. 



One of the premier French electronic music composers, the albums of Igor Wakhevitch are among the most sought after works by EM fans. IGOR WAKHEVITCH ia also on the NURSE WITH WOUND LIST. –


The list was compiled by the original Nurse With Wound trio of Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill, and Heman Pathak. It was intended as a homage to the obscure artists which influenced the Nurse With Wound project. It has since become a type of 'shopping list' for collectors of outsider and avant-garde music. The list only included group names, and collectors have speculated on the specific albums which would have influenced Nurse With Wound.


Almost impossible to obtain previously, happily they have been reissued as a special 6 CD set and now everyone can hear how miraculous his work is. 


An early associate of the Soft Machine and Terry Riley, Wakhevitch later went on to work with Carolyn Carlson producing music for many of her stage presentations. His music contains many creative elements – experimental electronics, neo-chamber music themes, exotic ethnic influences and much more, all fused into a unique blend of instrumental tone colors. 


CD 1 – LOGOS (Rituel Sonore) (1970) 

1. Ergon 

2. Mineral – Vegetal – Animal 

3. Homo-sapiens Ignorabimus 

4. Initiation (1ère Partie) 

5. Initiation (2ème Partie) 

6. Delirium 

7. Danse Sacrale 

8. Point Omega (Mort ou Résurrection)



CD 2 – DOCTEUR FAUST (1971) 

1. Aimantation 

2. Materia Prima 

a. Gnomides

b. Faust

c. Vulcain

3. Eau Ardente 

4. Tenebres (Walpurgis) 

5. Matines 

6. Licornes 

7. Sang Pourpre



CD 3 – HATHOR (lithurgie du souffle pour la résurrection des morts) (1973) 

1. Hymne à Sathanael (Aimantation des Forces) 

2. Grand Sabbat Luciferien (Régime des Arches) 

3. Rituel de Guerre des Esprits de la Terre 

4. Cris pour les Sabbats Infernaux et Invocations des Daimons 

5. Office de la Levee du corps (De Profundis) 

6. Amenthi (Attente de la seconde Mort) 

7. Aurore



CD 4 – LES FOUS D'OR (1975) 


1. Twilight and call of the Ascending Spirit 

2. Arrival of the Magic Doll 

3. Rites of the Doll

"Les Fous D'or" 

4. Henry the Fool of the Doll 

5. Eve Speaks 

6. Ritual of the Master of the Doll



CD 5 – NAGUAL (Les Ailes de la Perception) (1977)

1. Nagual (Les Ailes de la Perception) 

2. In the Nagual's Time (Flash 1)

3. Spenta Aramati (Ritual of the Zelator) 

4. Hunahpuguch 

5. Beginning of Peter's Journey 

6. Sets (Transition) 

7. The Smile of Wolf on the Bench (for Jorma) 

8. Never Poem for the Other 

9. In the Nagual's Time (Flash 2) 

10. Stop the World (Rituel of Si-Wang-Mou) 

11. Cinderella 

12. Chirakan-Ixmucane



CD 6 – LET'S START (1979) 

1. Let's Start 

2. Taddy's Fruit Garden 

3. Eriador 

4. Monks in the Snow 

5. Taddy's Dream : Ramallah's Road



CONDITION: Sturdy high-gloss box looks brand new, pristine, no shelf or edge wear. Always kept wrapped, and handled very carefully. This is the one you want!  Disc 5 has some very tiny light scratches, barely worth mentioning. The rest of the discs have no scratches. The booklet and poster are pristine. There are no holes, marks, folds, creases, fading, or dents. Bid assured that you will be very pleased  with the condition of this boxset when you receive it!



Please note the shipping price – 




Reasonable shipping prices:

$13.00 in the US  (Add $1.00 for each additional CASSETTE/CD) 

$16.50 CANADA (Add $1.50 for each additional CASSETTE/CD) 

$24.75 rest of the world.  (Add $2.00 for each additional CASSETTE/CD)