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rodd707 > Auctions > REDSHIFT ETHER 1998 CD MARK SHREEVE CD Tangerine Dream Klaus Schulze

REDSHIFT ETHER 1998 CD MARK SHREEVE CD Tangerine Dream Klaus Schulze

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    3rd of April 2015 at 3:52 PM

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Soon to be in your mailbox, the Thrilling Retro Electronic Music of ….



ULTRA REAR 1998 CD Champagne Lake Productions / CLPCD013 / UPC 5033168000112


A few minutes search on the www, will definitely qualify this monster release as nothing short of great. When asked about this CD, you will want to be able to say – "yeah I have that one"!

Synthmusicdirect, says it best-

"is this the greatest of them all?"

Two of the four tracks (‘A Midnight Clear’ and ‘Ether’), comprising over 50 minutes of the album, were recorded at the Jodrell Bank Concert on 7.12.96. 

One of the tracks, 'Bombers in the Desert’, is a studio interpretation of another piece performed on the night. ‘Static’ is a short studio outing. Stylistically the music could be termed "classic 70’s Berlin School". Three of the four musicians create the rich textural atmospherics and thematics, while Mark Shreeve provides the ever shifting tapestry of sequencing on the colossal Moog modular. 

OK, so what makes this album so good? Well, I’ve often been quoted as saying that classic 70’s EM was abandoned far too prematurely and there was lots more to be discovered. This album goes further than perhaps any I’ve heard to push back the boundaries of this style. As a package it is nigh on faultless, with plenty of dark mellotron and synth thematics to savour and the added ingredient of guitar effects played to perfection. But the trump card is the sequencing. In terms of sequencing it is quite simply the best example of its kind I have ever heard. The rampant dynamics of the Moog are harnessed in spectacular fashion, and the complexity and variety of the sequencing is simply breathtaking.

Every angle in the book is covered, and whole new sections are written on the fly. Sequence riffs barely stay still for a second. You think it can’t get any better, then the bass lines hit home. It’s like a thundering roller coaster. A wall of sound which, to me, says everything about why EM can affect me like no other music. On ‘Bombers..’ a drum loop is thrown in for good measure – take care, this track could signal a China Syndrome for your speakers. I think it was the "review of ‘96" article where I said Redshift’s music was so far up my street that it was sitting in my living room with its feet up watching TV. Well, ‘Ether’ is actually wearing my slippers, drinking tea and eating biccies! Seriously though, I consider this album a pinnacle in sequencing terms and it has all the supplementary decorations to make it an outstanding all round package.  

So, the greatest? I would say… 




Emerging during the late Nineties, Redshift stunned everyone with their high-energy synthesizer music. 

Many musicians have sought to recapture the glory days of the Berlin School of Electronics, but few have achieved the crystalline perfection created by Redshift. Many comparisons have been made between the music of Redshift and the dazzling heyday of Tangerine Dream's most compelling releases (circa late Seventies/early Eighties), but what such comparisons fail to point out is that Redshift has done more than duplicate a classic sound–the band has succeeded in going far beyond duplication, generating tuneage that surpasses "homage" and soars to glorious new heights with fresh utilization and unique signature. 

The old style not only lives again, but continues to evolve in the hands of James Goddard, Rob Jenkins, Julian Shreeve, and Mark Shreeve (who comprise the line-up for Redshift).

Few modern electronic ensembles have achieved the accolades of EM enthusiasts as Redshift. And the band deserves every iota of that praise.


(Interview excerpt)

Paul Graham / Trancine:  To start with, a question that may seem slightly obtuse, what kind of music does Redshift create? And what category , if any , does that music belong too?.

Mark Shreeve : That’s very simple to answer. We create electronic music. We do not consider ourselves any particular “school” of E/M. We are not “new age” , “ambient” ,”chill-out” , “Berlin-school” or whatever other idiotic labels people like to apply.             

We just create electronic music, pure and simple.The central idea behind Redshift is to create music using mainly synthesiser  sounds, tuned or abstract , along with other electronic sources and/or mechanical sounds and also samples and “found” sounds. 

The only desire is to create music that is emotionally charged. For me personally, emotion is the one and only reason for listening to music, whether it is created on the world’s most expensive synthesiser or just the simple beauty of the human voice. Therefore if a person listens to one of our albums and is “moved” by it in some way , then we have succeeded .And of course conversely,            if they are not , then we have failed , it obviously comes down to individual personal taste.

1.A Midnight Clear    2.Bombers In The Desert    3.Static    4.Ether.


CONDITION: Released in a standard jewel case. Disc has no scratches. The inserts are very near mint. There are no holes, marks, folds, creases, fading, or dents. Bid assured that you will be very pleased with the condition of this CD when you receive it!






Reasonable shipping prices:

$4.00 in the US  (Add $1.00 for each additional CASSETTE/CD) 

$11.75 CANADA (Add $1.50 for each additional CASSETTE/CD) 

$13.70 rest of the world.  (Add $2.00 for each additional CASSETTE/CD) 


Please wait for me to invoice you. 


Of course I will combine shipping on multiple sales or auctions, just let me know and I will hold off sending an invoice. 


International shipping prices get very expensive for packages weighing over 4 pounds. That's about 16 CD's. To keep the price down items can be removed from their jewel cases and shipped with all the inserts. 



I offer original CD'S and Cassettes only no Pirate CDR'S or Copies or  


I ACCEPT PAYPAL               

Payment must be received within 10 days of end of sale or auction. Seller has the right to re-list item if these guidelines are not met.

If you have issues with any transaction, please contact me first to resolve it. You will find that I am very easy to work with. Please don't forget to leave feedback. it is the only way that I can tell if you have received the items, and are very happy with them.


Come back often for more beautiful music of the highest order… 


Thanks for looking.