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TONART 5 CD LOT 125 1.jpg
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    2nd of May 2015 at 7:50 PM

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Lars Stroschen, Conrad Schnitzler and Jorg Thomasius, were manipulating sounds before there were sounds…..Tonart recorded 5 CD'S over a five year period in the mid 90's. 


Offered here are all five in all their glory!


No searching to get all of these….and free shipping world wide!









Eins was a private release of 1000 copies. Conrad Schnitzler / Jörg Thomasius / Lars Stroschen join their sonic magic on this 12 track marvel.



File these under severely underrated sound art. This was, in the early nineties, inaccessible, by the year 2000, it was still  inaccessible. In 2014 Tonart's message is begining to be revealed by those with educated ears. This is clearly "non music" music for the future generations.



Tonart is sonic art spewing out of your speakers. Its abstract, with very hard edges. Every second comes a new idea, a new color, the sound may clash with the sound that's before it….but who cares, its the new sound?????


You won't humming any of this CD on your way to work after hearing it. You will remember it as something special.


This 3-way split release pulls in dark ambient composer and associate Lars Stroschen (better known for his work under the moniker Propeller Island), who initiates the proceedings with a blast of frosty isolationist ambience and follows it up with an inversion into maximalist complexity with a writhing mangle of processed rhythms. 


Schnitzler's contributions here are very much in keeping with the approach of his other releases from this period, with swarms of zinging and pinging sonic hailstones whizzing around thickly churning sonic wedges….. 


As for Thomasius, his contributions here are rife with tension, with thickly effected and cavernously churning environments vaguely reminiscent of Mechthild Von Leusch, but which also unexpectedly (and briefly) explode into full art rock territory in the mode.









DREI is the second avant garde electronic collaboration between Lars Stroschen (AKA Propeller Island) and Jorg Thomasius. 


Whereas EIN also included Conrad Schnitzler's playful contributions, DREI is a more uniform work. 


The 13 tracks are equally divided between the two composers with Lars contributing most of the odd numbered and Jorg most of the even numbered compositions. 


This alternating aspect juxtaposes the composer's differing styles in such a way that the music flows from piece to piece without ever boring the listener. What rapidly becomes noticeable is that Lars favors low rumbling slabs of electronics iced over with shimmering shards while Jorg favors the high frequency manipulations, voices, and processed short wave radio similar to Asmus Tietchens. 


The one factor holding the music together across its 53 minutes is their compositional approach. Each composer starts with an original sound sculpture and then incorporates sonic material from his partner which he then processes further. 


A noteworthy advancement on DREI is the judicious use of reverberation that lends a warmth and depth to what could so easily have been cold and sterile electronics. While DREI is definitely not for your Yanni fan it is sure to please the post-industrial avant garde electronic music lover. 


Tonart: DREI – 52:57 







Private release of 1000 copies. Conrad Schnitzler is back for this one, as well as Jörg Thomasius and Lars Stroschen




  Part A  

1  Untitled  4:22   

2  Untitled  2:08   

3  Untitled  3:07   

4  Untitled  3:14   

5  Untitled  1:48   

6  Untitled  2:12   

7  Untitled  1:31   

8  Untitled  3:49   

  Part B  

9  Untitled  5:50   

10  Untitled  4:31   

11  Untitled  6:02   

12  Untitled  2:33   

13  Untitled  7:48   

14  Untitled  2:17   

15  Untitled  2:47   

16  Untitled  4:01  




RARE 1994 CD  OS 004 /Off Scale / Germany    



Lars Stroschen and Jorg Thomasius is joined by newcommer André Ruschkowski for this outing.


Akonie 1 was recorded live on 9.1.94. 


This is the only track which has instrument credits: Multimoog (LS), Korg MS20 (JT) und EMS AKS (AR).



1 Lars Stroschen –  LS  7:23   

2 Lars Stroschen + Jörg Thomasius + André Ruschkowski –  LS+JT+AR  5:13   

3 Lars Stroschen + André Ruschkowski –  LS+AR  5:27   

4 Jörg Thomasius + André Ruschkowski + Lars Stroschen –  JT+AR+LS  5:49   

5 André Ruschkowski –  AR  6:22   

6 André Ruschkowski + Jörg Thomasius –  AR+JT  4:25   

7 André Ruschkowski + Lars Stroschen + Jörg Thomasius –  AR+LS+JT  5:14   

8 Jörg Thomasius + Lars Stroschen –  JT+LS  5:26   

9 Jörg Thomasius –  JT  5:26   

10 Lars Stroschen + Jörg Thomasius + André Ruschkowski –  Akonie 1  13:02  





RARE 1997 CD  OS 005 /Off Scale / Germany       



Lars Stroschen and Jorg Thomasius is joined again by newcommer André Ruschkowski.


The whole album is created using three vocal samples, one from each composer of the album. Each composer created three tracks using only  one of the samples per track and one track using all three samples together. All audio was created from those three vocal samples through different filters.



1 Lars Stroschen –  Daouwaouwaou  7:44   

2 Lars Stroschen –  …Erst Mal Kam Ein Huhn  8:23   

3 Lars Stroschen –  Das Kraftfeld  6:59   

4 Lars Stroschen –  Wannsee Punk  8:03   

5 Jörg Thomasius –  Nullventor  7:07   

6 Jörg Thomasius –  Auch Ganz Leer  5:38   

7 Jörg Thomasius –  Darada  6:05   

8 Jörg Thomasius –  Diplomatic Edition  6:31   

9 André Ruschkowski –  The Inventor  5:15   

10 André Ruschkowski –  Zu Kurz  5:02   

11 André Ruschkowski –  Kunst  5:02   

12 André Ruschkowski –  Trevoce  5:11  


CONDITION: All five CD's were released in a standard jewel case. Discs have no scratches. The inserts are very near mint. There are no holes, marks, folds, creases, fading, or dents. Bid assured that you will be very pleased with the condition of this 5 CD set when you receive them!







I offer original CD'S and Cassettes only no Pirate CDR'S or Copies or  


I ACCEPT PAYPAL               

Payment must be received within 10 days of end of sale or auction. Seller has the right to re-list item if these guidelines are not met.

If you have issues with any transaction, please contact me first to resolve it. You will find that I am very easy to work with. Please don't forget to leave feedback. it is the only way that I can tell if you have received the items, and are very happy with them.


Come back often for more beautiful music of the highest order… 


Thanks for looking.