Dear friend,

As I mentioned in the opening letter there are bugs with the website. The main issue was that when we purchased the theme, we were under the impression the theme would have a shopping cart. It did not. We did not find this out until later and it was too late to back out. The developer, kept promising us an upgrade with a shopping cart for months, that's what caused the late opening of this site. We had no choice but to improvise with the small web programming skills we had. The cart we had implemented just had too many bugs and we recently (yesterday) decided to remove it. So as it is now, if you find something you are interested in, we will send you an invoice so you can pay with PayPal.

Sorry we have to put you through this but this is what you need to do to purchase an item from this site, for now.  We will continue making improvements as time allows.

1. Once you click on the "Buy Now" it will take you to a page where you can buy it or change your mind. This is the only chance you will have to change your mind without taking the item off our listing.

2. If you continue with the "Yes, Buy Now" an additional page will open and let you know the item will be put in your invoice. If you do not wish it at this point please let me know via email so I can reset the item and put it back in stock and bill you appropriately.

3. Once you are done shopping and are ready for shipping, for your convenience, just click on the Contact Seller button on any of your items and we will promptly send you your invoice which includes a link to PayPal.

You can view all your purchases by going to your Account and Look under Buyer Menu >> Outstanding Payments.

Thank You so much for your continued patience. 

We are excited to see you here!